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Since I was in 8th grade I secretly longed to play guitar. It was my cousin Sam (he was 8 years elder to me) who was an amazing guitarist (back then I did not have the right exposure) and he was always the main attraction of every gathering, as we sit in the middle playing some fine tunes with his guitar. Not that I envied his popularity, but, what made me jealous was the ease he used that instrument.  Now let me be honest; I tried juggling with this pretty and magical instrument but was never able to get my hands on it, with perfection. I had many teachers at the time who gave me guitar lessons but sadly none of them happened to work for me. I had a good collection of guitars in my vault and always wondered if I could play it perfectly in front of someone if not on the stage.

Soon the life took a toll over my passion and my guitar learning instincts were lost in time. I was busy with my life and dealing with a job to backup my living when I saw this advertisement of Rock Guitar Mastery. All my dreams of becoming a Guitar Master revamped again with the mention that it was now possible to Learn Real Rock Guitar in just 60 days. Yes, this is what the program promises and in my case, the promise turned out to be true.

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 My Journey:

I joined Rock Guitar mastery with a curiosity to find out was this program really effective. Honestly, at first, I was skeptical about the advertisement that said it is easy to learn guitar and it takes only 60 days. Like I said before, I failed in my guitar lessons and this gave me hope to start the venture all over again.

And now the revelation, I am today a guitar master. Yes, believe it or not, it’s been only 2.5 months and I now play the guitar as an expert. 60 days of the lesson and just 15 more days of practice made me a pro. If this makes you curious, let me tell you about this amazing program in detail:

 Rock Guitar Mastery: How to become a Become a Rock Guitar Master?

Rock Guitar Mastery

Rock Guitar MasteryRock Guitar mastery is a 60 days guitar learning program wherein you can learn guitar and live your dream of a guitar master. The best part of this program is the trainer; Paulie Z can be inevitably claimed as the best and most energetic guitar trainer ever. He has his incredible style of rock guitar training which makes learning guitar all fun and effective. The very first time you switch on this program, you can visualize your dream of becoming a guitarist closer than ever.

 Who is Paulie Z?

Before we start introducing the program it is important that we know who the mastermind behind this incredible learning package is. Paulie Z is the founder and the lead instructor of Guitar Rock Mastery. Paulie has traveled the entire world in his small music career and has performed onstage with some amazing artists like KISS, Twisted Sister, Poison, Alice Cooper, Dave Navaro, and many others.

Apart from being a stage performer, what makes you admire him more is that he has been a guitar teacher for over 20 years now. Yes, he has taught thousands of students to learn that incredible instrument we know as guitar.

 How it all started?

Before we start learning anything, it is important that we learn the theory behind it. Paulie was always fascinated about how the professional guitarists learn new songs so quickly while it takes rest of us forever to have our hands set over the guitar. The curiosity made him work on the reverse engineering theory and one fine day, he concluded the results and presented it in ‘Rock Guitar Mastery.’

For all this time we have been wondering what it takes you ages to master the art of guitar playing. But, once there is this code, it was all clear like water. Guitar Rock Mastery helps you decode some simple techniques and learn guitar superfast.

How to begin with guitar

 The time frame:

You do not have to spend hours and hours on a private tuition that take away all your money and do not do any good to your guitar playing talent. But, with Rock Star Mastery, you can learn to master the guitar in just 60 days. Yes, just 60 days and you can play the guitar like a real rock star. I vouch for the efficiency as with every lesson I found myself tuned, focused and swift in playing the guitar.

I the words of Paulie Z, the creator of Rock Guitar Mastery, ‘This is the most comprehensive system to learn real rock guitar in the fastest and easiest way I have ever seen.’

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 The lessons:

Rock Guitar mastery is a bespoke program that has the learner at the core. It has been designed keeping the smallest of the problems in mind that a learner faces while trying to learn a musical instrument. The lessons of this program are the results of years of hard work by Paulie Z. He has been working on the reverse engineering of the traditional guitar learning method and the result is ‘Guitar Rock Mastery’.

The program has logical and easy to understand lessons that do not make you uncomfortable to pick the guitar and strike the chord. It offers you small and simple techniques in batches to make a complete song and as soon as you finish that song, there are another set of techniques making you ready for your next expedition. This way you know the secrets of rock guitar playing and become a pro in playing thousands of rock guitar songs with excellence.


Let us now discuss the structure of this program which is so far the most sort out program structure that I have ever seen.  It has different types, of course, offering you complete perfection.

 Foundation course:

The foundation courses help you learn the essentials of playing guitar from head to toe. You can understand the criticality of guitar playing with extreme ease. With the tools that it offers you will be able to play thousands of songs, with ease like never before.

The practice songs are some of the best rock songs of the history created by the super artists of Rock industry like AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin & Jimi Hendrix. You get all this from the day one, along with the guarantee that you will sound like them exactly.


Now, unlike other guitar courses, the program offers you real stage life experience. Yes, while it is easy to learn guitar at your home and play it just for yourself, it is tough to face the world and perform on a stage. You need a rock star band to complete your practice. This is where Rock Guitar Mastery is special.

As soon as you are ready with one song, you get a chance to practice live with Paulie Z’s rock band in their studio. This not only boosts your confidence but also help you identify your flaws and hone your skills of pairing with a band.

 The e-books:

To make it easier to understand, the program comes with a downloadable & printable e-book with all the technical details of guitar playing. It has the pictorial presentation of chords, notes, songs, and lyrics. You can find the techniques written for easy follow-up and stay abreast with the learning.

The ebook helps you learn the critical terminology, practice your songs with the notes and keep a hold of what you learn while you revise it at your own comfort.


The program set comprises 130 step by step instructional videos to play guitar. These videos are 20 hours long inclusively and each one of them makes you more powerful rock guitarists in just 60 days.

 24*7 Support:

There are many things that can ponder in your mind while you are learning rock guitar and as we all are unique the concerns are expected to be unique too. Thankfully, Rock Guitar Mastery comes with a 24*7 support. The supportive and benevolent staff of Rock Guitar Mastery is always ready to help you with your queries related to your guitar lessons. Call them whenever you feel stuck and they will make it easy to crack the problem. I had to admit, this was the best feature of the program as I got a lot of help from the experts through this 24*7 support.


Now the most important part of the program- the costs. If you have been hiring private tutors to help you learn guitar lessons, just like me, you must have lost some precious amount of money so far. In my case I had four teachers and each one of them charge around $75 per hour. Before I joined Rock Guitar Mastery, I had spent over $1500 with no improvement in my guitar skills. But, with Rock Guitar Mastery, things are affordable and result oriented.

You not only learn guitar instantly defying the slow conventional way of learning but see the progress yourself. You grow your skills and become a pro in front of your eyes, in a shocking amount of $129.95 only.

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The program is one of the best programs made for all the users and hence it comes with high compatibility features. It is compatible with any PC, Mac, LAPTOP, Tablet or any Smartphone. The only pre-requisite of the program is a guitar and a steady internet connection.

The Guarantee:

There are many courses outside that claim to make you a pro rock guitarist with ease, but not any of them assure you the results. Rock Guitar Mastery is different, it not only offers you quick guitar lessons but takes guarantee that you come out as a master guitarist. How?? The program comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. So, if after using the program and its techniques for good 60 days, if you do not feel like a professional rock guitarist, they return back your money. Isn’t that awesome? However, with my experience, I can say that you are never going to claim your guarantee card as the results of this programs are proven.

In a zest, the program offers you:

  • 130 step by step instructional videos
  • 20+ hours of training
  • Printable and downloadable ebook
  • Foundation Course
  • Live band rehearsal videos
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • 24*7 customer support
  • And a chance to become professional guitarist fast


No matter you know the guitar or not, Rock Guitar Mastery is for every guitar enthusiast who is ready to learn. Unlike the books, DVDs, videos and more that you have tried so far, Rock guitar mastery is the best and the fastest way to learn to play guitar. There is no age or right time to learn, you can start anytime and rock the stage like a rock guitarist.

I made my journey to rock star guitar playing with this program and it was pretty much easier that I ever thought. In comparison of this program all my attempts to learn guitar so far appeared stupid.

The program is easy. You get videos, ebooks, and written instructions to start playing a song and as you combine the small techniques you feel the tunes coming out of your guitar perfectly. You can learn one song at a time and proceed to the next as you want and in between this you can rehearse a song with a live band of Paulie Z. This makes you come over your fears of the stage and also help you work on your flaws.

So, do not wait much. Join Paulie Z in his program and learn to play guitar like a pro in just 60 days. I had my dream come true with Rock Guitar Mastery. It was fun learning guitar with this easy program and now I can proudly say that I am a Rock Guitar master ready to rock the show.

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