How To Attract Women

How to attract women:

The book by Ryan James, How to attract women, is an informative and extremely helpful guide on how to condition yourself as a man to firstly understand how a woman’s mind works and secondly how to handle a woman and her emotions.

Ryan James goes into very deep detail to help every man connect with and create an emotionally fulfilling relationship with any woman of his choice.

How it works in general, when looking at a woman you need to understand where her emotions and feelings towards a man comes from.

  • Women have a natural instinct to be wary of man, and are taught from childhood what type of man to look for and what type of man to look out for, therefore woman make very calculated decisions on what type of man they want. Women look at many aspects of a man and the smallest thing could put them off, especially with a failed first impression.
  • Women are imaginative creatures that want to be swept off their feet, they have been raised and inaugurated to look for the prince charming from the fairy tales that they watch as little girls, or the hero in the much loved romance books that they read.
  • The way the book works is basically helping you to become the prince charming, or the hero in the novels, to get past all her defenses and emotional walls and make a connection with her.
  • In this book you will be taught everything you need to attract and keep the woman of your dreams, things like having a meaningful conversation, what to wear and looking after your appearance, how to cross the old “friends only” barrier, or dealing with a woman who already has boyfriend are just a few topics discussed in this book.
  • This book is definitely for every man that has been rejected by a woman, teased or completely ignored, every man who lacks the confidence to speak to a woman, or who has had the confidence but failed horribly at it. This book is for every man who has watched the woman of his dreams day in and day out, to imagine her in his life, but never being able to have her, watching her slip through his fingers into the arms of another man.
  • This book will help you build your confidence, and become a better more approachable man that will be able to connect with any woman and be able to have a meaningful relationship with the woman of your dreams.
    You will be able to understand how a woman’s emotional mind works and how to change her mind and her views.
  • Women are very unique creatures and every woman needs to be approached differently, the book uses methods that work in general with most women, there may be cases, very few where you will find that a certain woman does not quite adhere to the stipulated rules and explanations in the book, in this case you need to think outside the box and manipulate what you have learned from the book to attract this type of woman.

How to attract women and men

In conclusion any man can have the perfect woman by following the right guidelines and by understanding what women are about. This book gives you all the information and guidelines you need to find your perfect match, connect with her, and keep her.

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